Welcome to the Future of M2M!

Metrilog Data Services GmbH specializes in Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. Implementing an M2M application can be a very complex job. Metrilog will work with you and take the complexity out of your project.

Complete end-to-end Solutions

With Metrilog you are able to solve all your telemetry and M2M needs from one supplier. Our end-to-end solutions encompass:
  • GPRS based Remote Units and Modules for data acquisition and control
  • Basic data services through our M2M Gateway
  • Interfaces to legacy applications using standard or proprietary protocols and file formats
  • Cost-optimized data communication plans (GPRS/SMS) in cooperation with various GSM carriers

To learn more on what Metrilog can do for you, please download this White Paper.

M2M Portal

Please visit also our web-based M2M Portal. A demo account can be also accessed, click here for more details.

... the M2M Difference! 
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